Holidaying in Europe

Picture of holidaying in Europe
A couple at Rabbit Beach in Europe

Going to Europe is probably one of many people’s main dreams. I am very lucky that through CERN, I am able to fulfill one of my dreams to holiday in Europe. For those who are not familiar with what CERN is, it stands for European Organization for Nuclear Research. The CERN specializes in working out new processes that can further improve how people currently live. This is probably the place where a lot of cutting edge technology is being worked out (and fixed) so that they can be ready for the general public.

Aside from the CERN though, I had the chance to travel to different places in Europe. From the wonderful mountains of Switzerland to the picturesque places in Amsterdam, I totally had a blast. I am actually a bit disappointed that I did not get to see everything that I would have liked to when I visited Europe, but I know that in the future, I will go back to see and experience the other places I have not got to as yet.

Getting around Europe was a bit complicated for me in the beginning, but with the help of maps and a little bit of research, I was able to go around and see the things that I have always wanted to see. Pictures are not enough to describe how pretty the places in Europe are. The tourist spots are totally out of this world. I had fun posing near the Eiffel tower – its what every tourist does! I am not much into art, but I had to see the Mona Lisa. With the main place where I stayed, in Switzerland, it was not hard to see all of the places that the country had to offer, probably because it is a small country. I have been told that it can be fun to go there too during the Summer where you can hike and climb the mountains of Switzerland. Here’s to hoping that my legs will live up to the challenge and not give up on me whilst I am climbing. With the beautiful surroundings that I will see, it is likely that my eyes are going to appreciate the scenery more than my legs will ever would.

I almost thought that going to Europe was a bad idea because when I got to London airport, I discovered that I have lost my suit case. All of my important items were together, along with the decent amount of clothing and toiletries that I brought for my trip to Europe. I was on the verge of losing my cool because I felt a moment of panic before I realized that I do not have to worry about anything because I have travel insurance. My case is still lost and it is highly possible that I will never find it, but at least the insurance company has paid for the lost items. It is a good thing that those items can easily be replaced. A word of advice to people who travel often, and even those who do not, having travel insurance can really be helpful, so invest wisely.

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