About Me

About MeHi, my name is Linda and welcome to my blog! I am so excited to share all of my different experiences with you regarding the lessons that I have learned about life and what I would like to improve about how our society thinks.

I would like to let people learn more information about the female causes. My main goal is to help people become knowledgeable about how women have to struggle to make it big in this male dominated world.

I believe that things have improved, but it can always be better.

With all seriousness aside, I am also very fond of gardening and consider myself a bit of a green thumb. From herbs to flowering plants and more, I would like to check out the difference of each one.

Cooking is also another thing that I am very fond of. Since I love to travel, I would like to see the different cuisines of the world and try making my own versions of the foods that I try and love.

While it is true that I love Science and most of the time, I enjoy it, there are instances when I would like to take a breather and forget about the things that I have to give attention to through my hobbies.

Still, one day, I wish to celebrate about how women are able to overcome the problems ever present in the world of science and women would be given the chance to create more chances and make their own rules that would affect how people live.