A Female in a Male Dominated World

Women in a male dominated world.Whenever people say physicists, a lot of people would expect the physicist to be male. This is just one of the hardships that women had to go through to penetrate the world of science. Women were looked down on because of their gender, when in fact, a lot of women have already proven that they can make a substantial amount of contributions to the world too.

Even though times are changing and a lot of women are being recognised more for what they do, there are still some places where women are not given the treatment that they deserve. This was evident with work in the beginning of my career. I was not given the same projects that other co-scientists (who were male) were given. People had that mindset that I should not be given hard projects because I am a girl and I would not be able to take to it. At first, I was hesitant to speak my mind in fear that I would lose the opportunity that I have worked hard for, but as time progressed, I was able to state my opinion. I was able to break free from the stereotype that I know lesser things because I am a woman. I know and I was able to prove that I know the same things that men do.

Through the years, I have managed to make some mini accomplishments that I am very proud of. I believe that although I have not yet created something that is newsworthy or something that will be broadcast in different parts of the globe, I was able to widen the confinements that the world has set for women. Right now, women can also give their own opinions and somewhat rule their own worlds. This is very much different from how women lived in the past. Women were not even allowed to study or cast their own votes because society deemed them unworthy, so to speak. In the world nowadays, women are getting to be as important as men. People are also starting to realize that women are able to do things that men cannot do. Women also have their own limitations, because lets face it, we are all human.

In the past, women were made to believe that science is too hard for them and they will not be able to pass the different tests that are science related, but those who were determined were able to prove people wrong. It has been said countless times that it can be harder for women to make it big in this world and this is the reason why those who are able to make it big are usually looked at in awe by other women, without realizing that one day, they can be like that to, as long as they believe in themselves and if they would maximize their capabilities.

Getting involved in the sciences can help women become even more empowered. If you are also interested in science, this does not necessarily mean that you have to be a scientist. A lot of the professions that are available right now still have a bit of science involved. Feel free in this male dominated world because you are a woman and you have every right to be as good as a man, maybe you can be even better.

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