A Female in a Male Dominated World

Women in a male dominated world.Whenever people say physicists, a lot of people would expect the physicist to be male. This is just one of the hardships that women had to go through to penetrate the world of science. Women were looked down on because of their gender, when in fact, a lot of women have already proven that they can make a substantial amount of contributions to the world too.

Even though times are changing and a lot of women are being recognised more for what they do, there are still some places where women are not given the treatment that they deserve. This was evident with work in the beginning of my career. I was not given the same projects that other co-scientists (who were male) were given. People had that mindset that I should not be given hard projects because I am a girl and I would not be able to take to it. At first, I was hesitant to speak my mind in fear that I would lose the opportunity that I have worked hard for, but as time progressed, I was able to state my opinion. I was able to break free from the stereotype that I know lesser things because I am a woman. I know and I was able to prove that I know the same things that men do.

Through the years, I have managed to make some mini accomplishments that I am very proud of. I believe that although I have not yet created something that is newsworthy or something that will be broadcast in different parts of the globe, I was able to widen the confinements that the world has set for women. Right now, women can also give their own opinions and somewhat rule their own worlds. This is very much different from how women lived in the past. Women were not even allowed to study or cast their own votes because society deemed them unworthy, so to speak. In the world nowadays, women are getting to be as important as men. People are also starting to realize that women are able to do things that men cannot do. Women also have their own limitations, because lets face it, we are all human.

In the past, women were made to believe that science is too hard for them and they will not be able to pass the different tests that are science related, but those who were determined were able to prove people wrong. It has been said countless times that it can be harder for women to make it big in this world and this is the reason why those who are able to make it big are usually looked at in awe by other women, without realizing that one day, they can be like that to, as long as they believe in themselves and if they would maximize their capabilities.

Getting involved in the sciences can help women become even more empowered. If you are also interested in science, this does not necessarily mean that you have to be a scientist. A lot of the professions that are available right now still have a bit of science involved. Feel free in this male dominated world because you are a woman and you have every right to be as good as a man, maybe you can be even better.

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5 tips on how to write a resume – I’ve had many, many jobs

Resume writing is one of those things that can make some people weak at the knees! It is important to get it right, as it’s the starting point of your career. There is no standard format for a resume, but it is wise to make your resume as strong as possible, and have a good structure.


Listed below are 5 tips on resume writing which will guide you to having a winning resume :-

1. Start with contact information
It is wise to start each page of your resume with your contact details including your name, mobile and home phone numbers, address and email address. Make sure to use standard email addresses that contain your name instead of ones that have zany or silly nicknames.

Birthdate and marital status are not usually included in a resume, but if displaying your birthdate would be beneficial, you can include it, however, no job should be based on an age requirement.

2. Use a clear font and straightforward text
The layout, I believe, is the most important factor of a resume – that is, because it can reflect you, and only you, in it. It is wise to use a consistent and clear layout that is easy to follow. Avoid colours and the use of multiple fonts. Times New Roman and Arial are the most common fonts used in resume writing and use bold or underline options for headings, but make sure not to use both at the same time.

3. Avoid huge paragraphs and long sentences
You don’t need huge paragraphs to impress your employer. In fact, I personally like to go through small, yet efficient sentences rather than boring long ones. Unless you have been in the workforce for more than four or five years, two pages is sufficient. Others can use three to five pages, if needed. However don’t forget to add a complete summary of your work history. Also, if your work history is quite involved, instead of using large blocks of text, break it up with bullet points.

4. Highlight relevant skills
Pay attention to the qualities the employer is seeking in the position, and use concise and active terms to match the position. Write your work history and educational qualifications in the reverse chronological order, or in other words start with the most recent activities.

Including numbers and percentages is important since it adds value to your successes. For example, “Revenue was increased noticeably when I was the production manager” should be replaced by “Revenue was increased by 120% during my term as the production manager in 2012”.

Be sure to include job title, employer and dates, in addition to the factual details. For example “2009-2014 – Wills Engineering Pty Ltd – Project Manager for Nano Technology Park, Brisbane” is a better statement than “Worked as a Project Manager for five years with Wills Engineering”.

5. Follow employer’s requirements on submission
It is easy to get deeply absorbed in the preparation of your resume and you might forget to check out the submission requirements that your employer has asked.

Be aware of the simple things, such as typo’s and grammatical errors, the relevant certificates and documents that are required to be attached, etc. For most of the online submission processes, .doc or .docx file types are preferred, but there might be instances where .pdfand .rtf are involved. Also ensure that you keep a hardcopy of your resume – this might come in handy for later enquiries.

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What Does A Scientist Do on Her Day Off?

A picture of a female scientist
A female scientist.

There are a lot of people who think that what scientists do is very complicated work. Whilst there are moments when I feel at loss because of the different things that would have to be done, people should be aware that science exists all around us. This means that there is a chance that in some of the things that you do, you are almost like being a scientist yourself.

I believe that science has contributed a lot to how the world is right now. A lot of people are already reaping the rewards that science has opened up to this world, and quite frankly, there comes a time when constantly trying to find ways to improve how people live can become very tiring. This is the main reason why I take some days off too. It can be very relaxing and it helps my mind be more balanced again so that the next time I go to work, I feel like I am always starting fresh.

A lot of people probably don’t know this, but I am very fond of gardening. It all started when I was still a child and I saw my mom trying to take out some ‘plants’ from our garden. I asked her then why she was removing the ‘plants’ and she told me that what she was taking out were the weeds. The weeds were getting the nutrients that were supposed to be taken by the plants and it will make plants weaker if weeds would continue to grow. As I grew older, I also realized that weeds can appear almost everywhere and they can grow faster than normal plants. From that time on, I have become interested in plants and I am more passionate about gardening now more than ever.

Through gardening, I am able to forget about the deadlines of the work that I have to do. I can pluck out the weeds like I am plucking out the problems with the current experiment that I am working on. I can place in fertilizer so that plants will continue to grow and hopefully, I can place some new ideas in my mind too so that I can answer the current problems that I am faced with at work. Gardening makes time pass quickly. More often than not, I find myself wondering where the sun went only to realize that it is already starting to get late.

Sometimes when my plants are all going well and I want a day off gardening, I cook. A lot of people do not realize just how much energy cooking can take from the body, but I like the fact that I get drained because I am able to produce good food. I love learning new recipes, but mostly I get a certain type of fulfillment when I know that I am satisfied with the taste of the food that I have cooked.

It’s funny how the activities I like doing during my spare time is still somewhat related to science. This probably cannot be avoided because a lot of the processes that people would have to do are usually related to science. Thinking about these activities makes me look forward to my next day off. I can’t wait to get hold of my garden gloves and start weeding.

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Holidaying in Europe

Picture of holidaying in Europe
A couple at Rabbit Beach in Europe

Going to Europe is probably one of many people’s main dreams. I am very lucky that through CERN, I am able to fulfill one of my dreams to holiday in Europe. For those who are not familiar with what CERN is, it stands for European Organization for Nuclear Research. The CERN specializes in working out new processes that can further improve how people currently live. This is probably the place where a lot of cutting edge technology is being worked out (and fixed) so that they can be ready for the general public.

Aside from the CERN though, I had the chance to travel to different places in Europe. From the wonderful mountains of Switzerland to the picturesque places in Amsterdam, I totally had a blast. I am actually a bit disappointed that I did not get to see everything that I would have liked to when I visited Europe, but I know that in the future, I will go back to see and experience the other places I have not got to as yet.

Getting around Europe was a bit complicated for me in the beginning, but with the help of maps and a little bit of research, I was able to go around and see the things that I have always wanted to see. Pictures are not enough to describe how pretty the places in Europe are. The tourist spots are totally out of this world. I had fun posing near the Eiffel tower – its what every tourist does! I am not much into art, but I had to see the Mona Lisa. With the main place where I stayed, in Switzerland, it was not hard to see all of the places that the country had to offer, probably because it is a small country. I have been told that it can be fun to go there too during the Summer where you can hike and climb the mountains of Switzerland. Here’s to hoping that my legs will live up to the challenge and not give up on me whilst I am climbing. With the beautiful surroundings that I will see, it is likely that my eyes are going to appreciate the scenery more than my legs will ever would.

I almost thought that going to Europe was a bad idea because when I got to London airport, I discovered that I have lost my suit case. All of my important items were together, along with the decent amount of clothing and toiletries that I brought for my trip to Europe. I was on the verge of losing my cool because I felt a moment of panic before I realized that I do not have to worry about anything because I have travel insurance. My case is still lost and it is highly possible that I will never find it, but at least the insurance company has paid for the lost items. It is a good thing that those items can easily be replaced. A word of advice to people who travel often, and even those who do not, having travel insurance can really be helpful, so invest wisely.

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